Collaboration Day Summary - Feb. 16, 2017

TK/Kindergarten: TK/Kindergarten teachers did not have a collaboration day scheduled for this day and were on regular schedule.

1st Grade: 1st grade teachers met to discuss students’ progress on the F&P tests and took a look at MobyMax as a resource for meeting the needs of students who need additional support, but do not have access to Reading Intervention. They looked at report cards and established which areas would receive NAs for the 2nd trimester. Finally, they discussed this year’s Animal Research Reports.

2nd Grade: Second grade teachers discussed the Wonders ELA reading program that they have been piloting. They have liked how the assessments focus on the skill taught while using different passages for the students to work on and apply the skills being taught. It is also good that it has a free response comparing the two texts.  The vocabulary is listed in the book with pictures and sentences using clues to find what the word means. This is also very helpful for ELL students. There are also a lot of online resources that can be used for homework. The team also discussed report cards and which areas that were focused on for the 2nd Trimester. They planned research projects for the third trimester such as the Family Tree project.

3rd Grade: The third grade team spent the Collaboration Day discussing ELA adoption and planning, the music curriculum, the OLSAT testing schedule, and social studies curriculum for our upcoming field trip.

4th Grade: Pacing, Mathematics, California Journeys Pilot and 2017-2018 Supply Lists were among the topics of collaboration with the 4th grade team.

The teachers checked in on their academic pacing to fin that they have all started their third core literature book, By the Great Horn Spoon, and are digging their way towards the Gold Rush fever.  Science questions are sizzling as students fine-tune theirs for the 4th Grade Fair slated for March.  The teachers discussed these student generated questions, parameters and timing. Hypothesis research is next on their agenda.

Mrs. Hopkins has been recently cracked the California Journeys books for one of their pilots and found the literature quite inviting. Mrs.  Fuelling spent time analyzing this program as well.  Their feelings are as follows: The vocabulary is introduced at the beginning of each story and modeled in a passage rich in sophistication similar to the genre of the main story.  Each story is paired with a piece of text following the story from a different genre, in most cases, and designed to be compared with the main passage. First read guided questions were well-designed and included a variety of DOK levels. A few elements could be changed to make this program more user-friendly, but all-in-all the stories for 4th grades were high interest.  More to come as Fuelling tests the waters in her own room...

Lastly, the teachers finalized their 2017-2018 4th Grade supply list in School-Pak as requested, copied and pasted the shopping cart items onto Google documents, and emailed them to Jamie Do.

5th Grade: Together, the 5th grade team met to discuss student progress with Mrs. Blaney. They talked about their Valley Forge and Adventure Week journals and created a grading rubric. Additionally, they shared PPT presentations and coordinating activities in Social Studies. They discussed the Wonders Pilot Spelling component that was shared with them by Karen Gilmour.  

6th Grade: The sixth grade team collaborated on report card citizenship and speaking and listening grades.  They also discussed the use of their language arts piloting program, CA Collections, and planned for future use of the series over the next few weeks.  A document was created and shared, so further reflection could be added over time.

Special Education: Mrs. Stassel met with different grade levels to monitor student progress.

Physical Education: Mrs. Hayos worked on assessments and state testing materials.

ELD: The elementary ELD teachers met with the director for a Trimester 2 debriefing.  The director reviewed yearly LCAP goals for ELD.  A date for the next ELAC meeting was selected and tentatively calendared.  The director informed the team of ELPAC pilot testing this spring, a calendar of dates will be forthcoming. The team will conduct a parent iPad survey in May at the iPad return meeting to be scheduled.  An ELD newsletter will be published by March 1 to include upcoming dates and to introduce new staff members.  The director shared the English Learner Progress Indicator of the new CA Accountability Model and accompanying performance data.  ELD teachers will share this detailed information with their principals to enhance targeted instruction in general ed and also by ELD specialists.  The department would like to recognize those students who have met the reclassification criteria to exit the ELD program.  A date and venue has yet to be decided. It was decided that CELDT testing will take place during the summer, and at the beginning of the school year as is traditional in La Canada.  CELDT dates are forthcoming.

Library Specialists: The library specialists discussed what they were doing for St. Patrick’s Day with the students as well as any new books they acquired since their last collaboration meeting. They also made plans for their next visit to the Once Upon a Time bookstore.

Computer Specialists: The computer specialists created a lesson for the students to use to design a 3D backpack tag. There were some bugs that had to be remedied before the students could be successful.