Collaboration Day Summary - March 24, 2017

TK/Kindergarten: The TK/K district wide teams met to further evaluate the ELA adoption materials. As a group, they compared aspects of all three Kinder ELA programs. All agreed that National Geographic’s Reach for Reading is the best choice for LCUSD Kindergarten. They continued their meeting discussing the implementation of the Fountas & Pinnell assessment program. They noted what has worked and what hasn’t worked, how testing is implemented at each site, how long testing takes, and how the results change instruction. They attended the district Fountas & Pinnell assessment implementation meeting with the K-1 teams. Plans were made on how to notify parents of assessment results and how information is shared with 1st grade. 

1st Grade: The 1st grade team met with the 2nd grade team and shared Google Apps projects and the possible use of Chromebooks for next year. They then went to the District Office and attended the K-1 Fountas and Pinnell Assessment Implementation Meeting. Both the 1st and 2nd grade teams chose Wonders as their #1 choice ELA adoption choice. Both the 1st and 2nd grade teams would be interested in sharing a cart of Chromebooks to begin using next year.

2nd Grade: LCE 2nd grade met with first grade to discuss if they would prefer some extra chromebooks or possibly iPads next year. First grade teachers shared their website with the second grade teachers The second grade team is excited to try this as a grade level next year. Mrs. Boayes shared how to use Shadow Puppet Edu to create videos that can be posted to Seesaw. English Language Arts pilot programs are still under discussion. The LCE Second Grade prefers Wonders. The teachers also discussed an upcoming field trip to Cabrillo Aquarium.

3rd Grade: Third grade teachers discussed and shared materials that they will be using to help prepare their students for the SBAC test. In addition, they discussed the ELA programs Wonders and Journeys. They also put together some math problems to use for math performance tasks. 

4th Grade: The 4th grade team delved back into the ELA adoption material components from Journeys and Wonders and reported out our preference to Mrs. Blaney.  They discussed and analyzed their Science Fair held on 3/30 making notes of changes they have in mind for next year.  Time was spent compiling and sharing literature book club topics for students in the last few months as well as preparing for their final core literature book.  They pulled together additional topics and graphic organizers for continual opinion writing development and practice essays.  Their last Math unit tests were prepared and pacing was discussed for the year-end.  Lastly, they discussed their social science collaborative group project that will be assigned in the next few weeks as well as utilizing their science docent to prepare materials for the NGSS units they have forthcoming.  A productive time!

5th Grade: The 5th grade team worked together to discuss student progress and intervention methods to assist students. They examined the ELA pilot and the pros and cons of the two textbook series. After discussion, they made their recommendation to send to Mrs. Blaney. They created writing rubrics and lesson plans for the upcoming weeks. 

6th Grade: The 6th grade team coordinated all of the end of the year activities and worked on our schedules for testing (when they would be switching blocks, etc.) Mrs. Morin and Mrs. Fungo also planned out the remainder of our ELA curriculum based on our testing schedule.

Special Education: Mrs. Stassel went to the District Office to meet with the TK teacher and a special education teacher to discuss progress for their students with IEPs. She met with the 5th grade teachers regarding an upcoming IEP and spoke with the LCE counselor multiple times regarding SBAC testing.

Physical Education: Physical Education teachers discussed Physical Fitness testing progress. The discussion included challenges at the various sites with facilities and testing knowledge. They did not feel all sites had adequate testing environments. Chris Henry did a great job helping with the testing and they appreciate his expertise in this area. He really improved the outcomes of testing in that area.

ELD: The elementary ELD teaching team, including the paraprofessionals, met to discuss end-of-the-year planning regarding iPad returns, filling the position of an upcoming retirement and summer CELDT testing. Monica Ratliff returns to LCE after spring break so they thanked Susie Sandrew for her work and gave her a warm send off with the hopes she can continue in some capacity at LCUSD next school year.

Library Specialists: The library specialists visited Once Upon a Time bookstore in Montrose to see and purchase new books pertaining to Easter, Spring, and diversity. They also purchased picture book biographies and nonfiction books. Great discussions took place.

Computer Specialists: Mrs. Brown worked with Mrs. DeBoer  giving the OLSAT Make-up test to third graders.