Collaboration Day Summary Jan. 27, 2017

TK/Kindergarten: TK/Kindergarten teachers did not have a collaboration day scheduled for this day and were on regular schedule.

1st Grade: The 1st grade team met to finish creating exit tickets for units 4 and 5 in Math. They also met with the first grade teams from PCR and PCY to discuss the implementation of Fountas and Pinnell in advance of their March collaboration day meeting with Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Anais Wenn.

2nd Grade: Second grade teachers from LCE met and discussed projects and activities for February. They looked over the Everyday Math games for Unit 6 and 7 and worked on organizing math games so they are more accessible and ready to use. They met with Mrs. Blaney to look at the proposed site master plan for La Canada Elementary.

3rd Grade: The third grade team spent the afternoon preparing for their Recorder Karate Music program. The team also discussed how the different English Language Arts Curricula Pilots have been going so far and made plans for the coming weeks.

4th Grade: The LCE 4th grade walked through the facilities future plan blueprints with Mrs. Blaney.  They also calendared their upcoming Science Fair. Fourth graders will begin the scientific investigation process on February 10th with the entire grade Science Fair culminating on March 23rd in the cafeteria. The team created an historical book report rubric to reflect a new Google slides book report format, and they discussed revamping their April Gold Rush Day activities.

5th Grade: The 5th grade teachers diligently worked together to complete several student recommendations, student assessments and evaluations, along with parent conferences. They discussed their plans for the upcoming school week and planning for Valley Forge/Adventure week trips. They team also met with Mrs. Blaney to look at the first draft of the LCE facilities architects’ drawings. 

6th Grade: Miss Patito met with Mrs. Warner (7th grade) to coordinate science curriculum. Mrs. Redecker and Mrs. Morin met to address parent and student issues. Mrs. Fungo coordinated with Miss Patito regarding classroom management ideas.

Special Education: Mrs. Stassel’s collaboration day consisted of planning a program for two new students to special education. Angela Deno, Speech and Language Pathologist, and a third grade teacher were instrumental in this process.

Physical Education: The elementary Physical Education teachers discussed the State Physical Fitness testing and implementation process for the 5th grade. We also discussed the need for PE Aide substitutes as safety is of major concern and the lack of facilities to accommodate the number of students.  Lesson plans are drastically affected when no qualified aide is provided. All hands on deck are needed when the State Physical Fitness testing at the 5th grade level begins. 
The facility improvements were discussed with hopes that the new funding will help ensure that all students are receiving the quality Physical Education at the elementary level.

ELD: Due to mid-year staff changes, the three ELD teachers met to ensure program quality and parity among the three schools. They reviewed the currently available support resources, including the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment program for identifying specific reading challenges. They also looked in depth at the Wordly Wise vocabulary enrichment program, and the Words Their Way for English Learners phonics program. Discussion included how to effectively use these resources and other supplementary materials to increase English proficiency.  
Library Specialists: The Library Specialists shared new books to honor Black History Month and talked about plans for Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Dental Health Month, and Chinese New Year. 

Computer Specialists: The Computer Specialist met at PCR to discuss their concerns with Project Ignite 3D printing and to came up with solutions. They  had a chance to have Jeanine Bentz answer questions about students building the EV3 and decided that they would have grades 3-6 use them after they are built. They discussed the computer programs at the elementary schools and problem solved the issues.