LCE Collaboration Day Summary December 22nd, 2016

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TK/Kindergarten: The TK and Kindergarten teachers did not have a collaboration day on this date.

1st Grade: 1st grade teachers debriefed on how their Grinch Day activities went and noted adjustments needed for next year. They also discussed beginning steps for implementing science notebooks and made a plan for dividing ELA pilot materials amongst the classrooms.

2nd Grade: PCY, LCE, and PCR Second grade teachers met to discuss the ELA Programs, Journeys and Wonders. PCR piloted the two programs that week. They discussed some of the strengths and weaknesses of both programs. Some LCE teachers will be piloting the programs upon their return from break. 

3rd Grade: Third grade teachers spent the afternoon organizing new materials and planning for their ELA pilot. Half of the team will begin with Wonders while the other half will begin with Journeys. The team will then exchange materials.

4th Grade: The LCE 4th grade teachers reevaluated their pacing in several subject areas.  They choose to move the 4th grade Science Fair date to before Spring Break to allow meaningful time to explore additional STEM/STEAM activities that can provide jumping off points for student-centered Science questions. They will create a Science Notebook to support this project.  In addition, they firmed up their mission report research and California Project. Fourth grade classes recently completed a ten paragraph account of their Time Capsule field trip, and grading of these writings was discussed so as to be consistent.

5th Grade: The 5th grade teachers discussed student progress and strategies on working with struggling students. They met with Mrs. Stassel to check in on students with IEP's. Additionally, they looked at the pacing of Journey's, an ELA program that is currently being piloted. They coordinated upcoming social studies projects and made additional plans for Valley Forge. Mrs. Drange looked at the upcoming plans for pacing in math.

6th Grade: The 6th grade team met to debrief the Pali Mountain trip and discussed creating a timeline to prepare and coordinate the trip. They also met to discuss upcoming activities for the 6th grade.

PE: The PE teachers from all three elementary schools discussed age-appropriate PE activities to implement on rainy days.

Library Specialists: The Library specialists shared nonfiction texts and fictional stories about India since there are many new Indian families in the district. They made plans for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day and discussed read alouds and book displays. They also shared the best read aloud that they used since their last collaboration day.

Computer Specialist: The Computer specialists discussed 3D printing and the lessons for the EV3's (robotics). Mrs. Brown also worked on lessons for the Wonder app that goes along with Dash (LCE has 10 Dash and Dot robots).

ELD: The ELD paraprofessionals and teachers met together to discuss program delivery pending an upcoming leave of absence and retirement. They strategized next steps, identified training roles and administrative support needed for the new staff. They also took the opportunity to celebrate their first semester successes and give a temporary farewell to one of their colleagues.