Message from the Superintendent

The La Canada Unified School District and the Governing Board (the District) are pleased to provide a negotiations update and to share information regarding our current salary offer to the La Canada Teachers Association (LCTA).  LCUSD and LCTA have met nine times during this calendar year and successfully reached agreement on a number of important topics, including work year calendar and teacher evaluations. 

 In the most recent meetings, the District has offered salary adjustments totaling approximately $1.5 million in increases to our teachers’ pay.  The details include:

  • A 4.1% retroactive teacher salary increase, the equivalent of $735,000 in additional salary for 2015-2016;
  • Proposed implementation of a collaboratively developed restructure of the Professional Employee Salary Schedule for the 2016-2017 school year.  The restructured salary schedule would increase overall teacher salaries approximately 4.3%, an overall increase of approximately $774,000 ($2,322,000 for the three-year budget cycle) for the LCTA bargaining unit.

 Under the restructured salary schedule:

  • The maximum salary under the new salary schedule will increase from $90,720.00 to $97,851.00 reached at twenty-five years of service.  
  • New teachers' beginning salary will be $47,687.00, up from $47,429.00. 
  • Teachers will reach a salary level of $90,429 in year sixteen, whereas the current schedule crosses the $90,000 threshold in year twenty-five.

The District is committed to the continued pursuit of providing our outstanding teachers with the respect and compensation they deserve.  The District is confident that the restructured salary schedule will strengthen the common interest of increasing lifetime earnings for employees, competitively positioning our teachers among comparable school districts at present. 

The District team is negotiating on behalf of, and at the direction of the Board of Education, and the Board has been clear that they want to offer the best possible increase without making cuts to programs, positions, and the educational goals identified in the LCAP.

I want to thank all members of the negotiating teams for dedicating time to this important process.  The Governing Board looks forward to reaching a tentative agreement based upon the continued work of the negotiating teams.