LCE Collaboration Day Summary September 30th, 2016

TK/Kindergarten:  TK and Kindergarten teachers met with the entire district team to review and revise benchmark assessments to align with the newly adopted EveryDay Math program. The team also provided feedback to the district’s Kindergarten Task Force. The team attended a presentation for a potential new handwriting program, Size Matters.  Time was also spent reviewing the Language Arts programs that are being considered for the upcoming adoption.

First Grade:  Stephanie Boayes attended the ELA adoption committee meeting to review and select curriculum options for piloting this school year. LCE’s first grade team set up their classes for the EDM online tools, reviewed the digital teacher materials, and student online resources. Hey also drafted a parent information letter to use when sending home student account information.

Second Grade:  LCE’s Second Grade teachers met to discuss units for October- sound, bats, and pumpkins. They discussed adding dictation to their homework and worked to find words from their core list and ideas from their English Language Arts anthology.  They discussed the skill they are covering next week and planned a project to go with it. They completed their day by going to the District Office to look at the ELA Curriculum options.

Third Grade:  LCE’s Third Grade teachers covered a variety of topics. They had a representative attend the ELA adoption committee meeting, while the rest of the team worked on upcoming projects and curriculum planning.

Fourth Grade:  LCE’s 4th Grade perused the Language Arts Adoption materials, met with David Paszkiewicz regarding Google Apps and Classroom, and met to touch base on grade level information.  Laurie Hopkins attended the morning/afternoon Language Arts Adoption materials meeting at the District Office, where top choices for piloting became the HMH and McGraw Hill Publications; Wonders from McGraw Hill seemingly a first choice at this point.  All schools felt as though piloting will be a necessity to truly analyze how each program flows; there are many components to each. Colleague(s) popped over to the DO to take a quick look at materials before joining in on a 1:00 technology meeting in Annette Fuelling's room. Fourth grade teachers also met to catch up on planning as our normal Wednesday meeting was missed due to math training.

Fifth Grade:  Jenny Franz attended the ELA adoption committee meeting to review and critique the programs available for possible piloting. Barb Drange and Annette Fuelling organized and attended a training with David Paszkiewicz, LCUSD’s Instructional Specialist, to learn new Google applications to implement into our classrooms. They also discussed student progress.

Sixth Grade:  LCE's sixth grade math and science teachers, Ms. Patito and Mrs. Redecker, attended NGSS training. Language arts teachers, Mrs. Morin and Mrs. Fungo, attended Google Docs training and the ELA adoption meeting held at the district office.

Resource Specialist:  Mrs. Stassel met with the RSP teacher from PCR and discussed their programs, students, and various methods to help students suffering from emotional disturbances.

Technology Specialists:  The specialists met with the new specialist hired for Paradise Canyon. They were able to answer the questions and clear up some concerns that she had.  We looked at the robots that PCR is piloting and went over the skills that we will be covering and the number of weeks they take.

Library Specialists:  The specialists visited Once Upon a Time bookstore and learned about new releases. Mrs. Bahrami purchased three new books for our Parent Bookshelf in the LCE Library.