La Canada Kiwanis Club Honors Terrific Kids

Throughout the year, Kiwanis Clubs all over the world honor students who have been chosen by teachers and classmates to be Terrific Kids. Many students are surprised to discover that they have been chosen, because it is not the kind of award that a person sets out to earn, rather it is an award that celebrates genuine kindness  and helpfulness, especially when they are selfless. 

This fall's Terrific Kids were each awarded a certificate at their school's spirit rally and were each invited to attend a special Kiwanis lunch, with their parents, at Descanso Gardens.

Upon arrival, students and their parents were able to choose a seat at one of the lovely fall decorated tables. Lunch included a buffet of chicken fingers, french fries, salad, veggies, and a rich, frosting-covered carrot cake. 

After eating, President Leininger and other Kiwanis members shared enlightening news about some of the work being done by Kiwanis Clubs world-wide. Then, Mrs. Nancy Leininger had the students from each elementary school stand as she addressed the crowd. The teachers that had nominated the students had each written a personal message for her to read to them and their parents. 

After the presentations, Tyler Wright got everyone on their feet to have some fun with a few songs and dances. Kids laughed at the silly songs, which was a great way to finish the meal before heading back to school.