The Jog-A-Thon Is Coming!

The 18th Annual Jog-a-Thon is coming up soon! On November 18, all students will run laps during their PE time to raise money for things like our fabulous Art program, our incredible Music program, and our cozy, productive class sizes. All students who participate and run at least one lap gets a free Jog-a-Thon t-shirt, and there is a chance to win more fabulous prizes! Students who register will receive a free Run Pass to be used during a future PE class. Top fundraisers can win a Google Chromebook or amazing gift cards from Amazon! Students who run the most laps will receive a trophy, and, best of all, the school that has the highest percentage of registered runners gets $500! Think of what we could do for LCE with that money! If LCE wins, the principal at the school in last place has to wear our Lion Wear ALL DAY LONG. Do you want to see Principal Hurley or Principal Cradduck wear an LCE t-shirt all day? Mrs. Blaney does, too! 

Are you ready to join Team LCE?