Principal for the Day: Guest Writer

A 5th grader becomes principal for the day and writes about his experiences on January 19, 2016.

The day started when I helped out at carline and introduced myself. After I was done, I visited 4th to 6th grade classes to announce an extra 5 minutes for morning recess. I returned to my class (after I was done announcing) for 45 minutes. Then I watched over the 1st to 3rd graders and looked for people behaving to give them Way to B's. When I was done, I had recess with my friends. After recess ended, I updated the school website, and I also did some office work. Then I adjusted the Staff Meeting Agenda, decided if we should buy popsicles or make homemade popsicles for Pride Point class winners, and did other paperwork. I returned to class as soon as I was done with the paperwork. Lastly, I filmed the video segment for January's Touchcast Message.