October Collaboration Day Summary

Collaboration Day Summary: October 30th, 2015

Kindergarten and TK: TK and Kindergarten did not have a collaboration day in October.

1st Grade: The first grade teachers took a look at upcoming projects/events for the months of November and December (turkey projects, holiday rotations & Grinch/Polar Express day). They discussed attending an upcoming professional development conference to learn more about Fountas & Pinnell guided reading and decided the team would benefit from attending. They also looked at the RAZ-kids online individualized reading program and decided to utilize available funds to purchase access for the entire grade level. They moved the online Eureka modules modules into their shared 1st grade Google Drive folder and began to plan meeting with the other 1sr grade sites to continue to look at both the Eureka and Being a Writer programs.

2nd Grade: The Second Grade  team at LCE met and discussed the writing prompt for Narrative Writing that will align with their evaluation cycle goals. They decided as a grade level to have the students write their own Cinderella Fairy Tale that would cover Common Core Standard 2.3 which states that the students will write narratives in which they recount a well-elaborated event, including details, thought and feelings, temporal words to signal event order and provide a sense of closure. They also discussed the pacing of the Eureka math program as well as November and December themes such as Cinderella, Stone Soup, Molly’s Pilgrim,Camouflage and  GIngerbread Houses.

3rd Grade: The third grade team discussed core literature and shared ideas for an upcoming unit. Additionally, they analyzed CAASPP data for ELA and Math. Lastly, they collaborated on music curriculum.

4th Grade: The 4th grade team at LCE worked together to complete Protocol #2, which analyzed student SBAC scores from last year. They looked both at how their last year’s students performed and how their current rosters of students performed. They planned next steps for instruction based on the results. They also discussed materials for their Time Capsule field trip and planned for their upcoming chaperone meeting.

5th Grade: Fifth grade worked on Protocol #2 by reviewing student CAASPP scores from the 2013-2014 school year. They identified the claims that scored in the highest percentile and looked at which claims need more reinforcement in the current school year. The teachers met with the Resource Specialist, Donna Stassel, to discuss various accommodations that can be put into place for individual students. They also looked at the progress of students on Individual Education Plans and decided on ways they could mutually assist them academically while continuing with the classroom curriculum.

6th Grade: The sixth grade teachers completed Protocol #2 and analyzed results of the SBAC for both the 2014/15 sixth graders and the 2015/16 sixth graders. They planned next steps based on the results. They also finalized plans for their Pali Mountain field trip.

ELD: The ELD Teachers met to discuss ideas for iPad and Chromebook integration during pull-out sessions. Time was spent reviewing materials for students struggling in specific content areas (listening, reading, speaking, writing). Ideas were brainstormed on the best ways to increase parent communication and involvement in the ELD program, beginning with participation in ELD Office Hours.