November Collaboration Day Summary

Kindergarten and TK: TK and Kindergarten did not have a collaboration day in November.

1st and 2nd Grades: 1st and 2nd grade teachers met during their collaboration time to discuss utilizing the RAZ-Kids resource.  They set up class rosters, looked at parent letters to send home, and found student log-in cards. They also discussed student reading leveling practices, looked at the assignment/assessment resources, and discussed the possibility of using these as a progress monitoring source. 2nd grade teachers also coordinated details of an upcoming field trip and discussed an upcoming cross-curricular writing performance task. 1st grade teachers discussed upcoming units on gingerbread, reindeer and upcoming holiday rotations.

3rd Grade: The third grade team spent the afternoon discussing best practices for projects utilizing Google Drive and Google Classroom. They also collaborated on cross-curricular projects in Social Studies, Reading, Writing, and Technology. Lastly, the team shared resources and ideas for their unit on Little House in the Big Woods.

4th Grade: The 4th grade team at LCE worked on their planning and pacing for the next quarter. They created common directives for teaching fractions. They also discussed their upcoming unit on mission research and the next book report students would be completing. The team also finalized their Time Capsule plans for that upcoming field trip.

5th Grade: Fifth grade worked worked on various projects, including attending a Character Committee meeting , filling out student forms to aide in parent communication, and discussing student progress.They explored the use of Front Row for quick ELA and Math assessments and for monitoring progress. 

6th Grade: The 6th grade team met and finalized details for their Norton Simon field trip, the staff holiday party, and the 6th grade holiday craft. They also analyzed their benchmark results and monitored and discussed student progress.