Mystery Hangouts: Connecting Our Classroom to the World!

The following article was written by the 5th graders

Miss Meikle’s fifth grade class participated in a Mystery Hangout on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015.  A Mystery Hangout is where we call another class, via Google, somewhere in the United States and try to pinpoint their location. This activity is used to enhance our geographical awareness.  By participating in this experience, it helped us improve our collaboration skills.   Most activities in school are labeled as “boring or not fun,” but this experience  was different and made learning a lot more fun.  We as a class led the entire hangout without Miss Meikle’s help.  We all had a role in the call, and no one was left out!  Even though not every person in our class had a job, we were all able to work together to track the other class down.  Competition arose as we tried to locate the other schools state, city, and school first, which motivated us to work harder.  We used social skills, our Chromebooks, and improved our critical thinking skills.  

Students who had to use their Chromebooks, were able to demonstrate  their typing skills to communicate with the other class in a backchannel.  Also, our e-mappers were on their Chromebooks using Google Maps to try to locate the other class.  We worked with each other instead of against each other.  We improved our education by learning about another city, at the end of the call the other class told us facts about their city.  We had ups and downs and we powered through by focusing on the ups.  We persevered and never gave up!  Each idea motivated us to move on to our next question.  This skill can help us as an adult when we are lost and we need to find a location.  When we finally figured out where they were, we discovered they were fourth graders in Miss Coulter’s class at Hugo Reid Elementary School in Arcadia, California.  Overall, our whole class enjoyed this activity and we would like to do it again soon!   #MINDBLOWN