LCE Spelling Bee December 7, 2015

Four LCE Boys Advance to District Spelling Finals

Winning words: gasconade and parliamentary

Twenty-two La Cañada Elementary fourth, fifth, and sixth grade  students battled with both gasconade and grace Monday, December 7th, and four are advancing to the district finals on January 27th. Sixth grader Gabriel G. won first place. Another sixth grader, Adam J., placed second. Fifth grader Ryan M. placed third., and sixth grader David G. placed fourth.

The four boys battled their way through round and round and level after level of difficult words, including spelunking (the exploration of caves), egregious (extraordinary in some way), brigadier (a general officer ranking below a major general). Parliamentary (being in accordance with the rules) was the final word that propelled Gabriel to victory. The audience was truly impressed with the word skills of all contestants!

Classroom winners who competed in the site bee are as follows: 4th graders: Amy K.,  Anabelle S., Varak S., Ian K., Hendrik M., and Hannah K; 5th graders: C.J.A., Ryan M., Bryce K., Isaac R., Katelyn H., Caleb P., Jesse O., and Jacob J.; 6th graders: Sophie C., Kyla L., Adam J., Rachel K., Gabriel G., Adam G., David G., and Ryan S.

Nancy DeBoer, LCE Counselor, was the Spellmaster for the event, assisted by Carrie Adkins, Teacher on Special Assignment, and Mel Blaney, Mrs. Blaney’s husband.