LCE Collaboration Day Summary - September 25, 2015

TK and Kindergarten: The LCUSD K Teams met together to revisit the "Welcome to K Day" for the new families prior to the opening of the school year.  TK met with Anais Wenn and Carrie Atkins to continue updating the progress of the grade's curriculum. Later, TK and K collaborated together along with the elementary principals to discuss new ideas and possible alternatives to the present "Welcome to K Day" prior to school and "Back To School Night" after school begins.  At the conclusion of that discussion, K had an extensive training by Mandy Redfern in the ESIG program used for administering  assessments and data collection. After lunch, teams divided up to their own sites to finish collaborating and planning.

1st Grade: The first grade team discussed the CAASPP protocol and the possibility of using it to examine future benchmark data for first grade.  They continued the work they began during this week's TDG studio at LCE.  They were able to identify some Core Math ideas for their current math units, created some meaningful math tasks and exit tickets, and set up a shared Google Drive folder to store additional tasks and exit tickets that they create throughout the school year.

2nd Grade: LCE Second Grade met together and completed the CAASPP protocol 1 task. They reviewed and discussed the ELA and Math benchmarks for Quarter 1 with Teacher on Special Assignment, Carrie Adkins. In addition, the team began working on their grade level collaboration goal by sharing and designing writing prompts and rubrics.

3rd Grade: The third grade team spent the afternoon analyzing their CAASPP data and collaborating on next steps for instructional goals and strategies based on their targeted curricular "claim" strands. In addition, the third grade cohort reviewed and revised their ELA and Mathematics common assessments for the first trimester grading period.

4th Grade: The 4th grade team at LCE completed the CAASPP Protocol 1 for the latest test scores. They planned instruction for second quarter in alignment with their grade level  pacing guides. They also discussed curriculum changes for their upcoming Time Capsule trip.

5th Grade: Today the fifth grade team met to analyze and discuss Spring 2015 CAASPP test results. They met briefly with Mrs. DeBoer to discuss social/emotional needs and strategies for addressing them. They also began looking over Valley Forge commitment forms.

6th Grade: The sixth grade at LCE met on September 25th to analyze the CAASPP site and district scores.  They completed the district CAASPP protocol.  The team also discussed student progress in each class and parent/teacher conferences.  Parents will be notified this week if an October conference is recommended.  They ended their day by discussing Pali Mountain cabin groups for the 6th grade upcoming field trip.

PE: Mrs. Hayos worked on her PE website, which will be added to the LCE website soon.

Library: The Librarians met at Once Upon a Time bookstore in Montrose to view newly published books. Their emphasis was  historical fiction and mystery character books for grades 4 - 6. They also viewed nonfiction books that go with Common Core topics in grades K-6 - topics such as colors, farm life, habitats, community, Native Americans, California history, the American Revolution, the 50 United States, and Shakespeare.

English Language Development: The ELD Team completed their schedules for addition into school site calendars.They also reviewed beginning of year procedures, including CELDT testing. They discussed the ELD Progress Reports and the Informal Primary Language Student Interviews.