December Collaboration Day News

Collaboration Day Summary

Dec. 11, 2015

Kindergarten and TK: The TK and Kindergarten teachers from across the district met on Friday, December 11. The meeting began by discussing and planning for the upcoming Kindergarten orientations. It was decided that one representative from each site will present a portion of the curriculum at the meeting scheduled for January 20 from 7-8:30 at Palm Crest Elementary. Teachers will provide work samples and as well as a slideshow of students working in the classroom. The Kindergarten teachers looked through the Eureka math curriculum and decided that each teacher would teach two or three lessons in the fourth module upon return from winter break. These lessons will be discussed at the next Collaboration Day in an effort to help provide feedback regarding the curriculum and its possible adoption for 2016-17. Finally, the teachers reviewed second quarter assessments and worked together to input data into the ESGI program. Teachers supported one another as they did this data entry and reflected on the data in preparation for the next quarter's instruction.

1st Grade:  Coming soon

2nd Grade: 2nd grade teachers LCE met with Jennifer Meikle, Instructional Coach, to discuss the Eureka Math and Being a Writer curricular materials. The teachers who haven’t received it yet are interested in attending a future Be a Writer training. They also went over and discuss the ELA and Math Second Quarter Benchmarks which will be administered after the Winter Break. Finally, they reviewed the Second Quarter Report Cards and discussed the importance of grade level continuity in regards to reporting practices.

3rd Grade: The third grade team spent the afternoon discussing possible ELA and Math adoptions. They also collaborated on an upcoming math assessment. Lastly, they did preparation for Little House Day, a culmination of their recent Laura Ingalls Wilder novel study.

4th Grade: The 4th grade team at LCE met and discussed "Being a Writer" and the implementation of the program. They reviewed and planned for an upcoming unit using Eureka Math. They talked about their next book report involving non-fiction. They reviewed their California mission unit writing and project ideas. They also planned and discussed the timeline for their upcoming Science Fair.

5th Grade: Members of the fifth grade team reviewed the ELA pacing guide with Paradise Canyon teachers and discussed the Being a Writer and Making Meaning programs. Teachers created flipped classroom language lessons and discussed ELD student progress. Mrs. Franz also attended the Character committee and Miss Meikle checked in with grade levels in her instructional tech coach role and offered assistance as needed.

6th Grade: The 6th grade team did various things during this collaboration time. Mrs. Redecker and Mrs. Fungo met with the Character Committee. Mrs. Morin and Miss Patito coordinated student government activities and worked on the upcoming spirit rally. The entire team met to discuss the end-of-the-year 6th grade trip as well as the implementation of the strike system to begin during the 3rd quarter.  They also discussed student progress and possible supports to put in place for behavior and social development.